Boost Converter Promises 1.3x Longer Battery Life In Portable Applications


ROHM has announced its latest buck-boost DC/DC converter optimized for a number of portable devices such as smartphones and wearables that incorporate rechargeable batteries (Li-ion). It is also suitable for a wide range of devices using 1-2 dry-cell (1 to 3V) or button-type li-ion batteries. Examples include remote controls for home appliances, items such as toys, wearables, electronics toothbrushes, etc.

Having a built-in MOSFET that claims the lowest current consumption in the industry, ROHM says the chip consumes a mere 7µA, which can extend the operating time by as much as 175 days compared to conventional products, from 540 days to 715 days.

BU33UV7NUX outputs the 3.3V necessary for driving MCUs in applications requiring 1-3V input from 1 to 2 batteries.

In addition, the chip has a built-in load current mode switching function that allows existing remote controls to support the latest high-performance systems equipped with LCD panels, providing greater energy savings in a wide range of applications.


ROHM explains that the chip can adopt a low-power mode for standard products, and automatically switch to high-power mode for high-performance, that allows it to achieve high-efficiency power conversion as high as 94% under a wide range of conditions.

The BU33UV7NUX is available now with a pricing of $0.49 /unit (1,000 pcs)

The BU33UV7NUX-EVK-101 is available now with a pricing of $51.25 /board.

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