New LED Driver Chips Support Design Of Smaller LED Fitments


Supporting the growing demand for smaller LED lighting installations, Diodes is offering new linear LED drivers, the BCR420UFD and BCR421UFD, featuring an ultra-low profile DFN2020 package, making them well-suited for 12V and 24V LED edge-lighting applications.

The devices’ new package measuring just 0.6mm high is much thinner than the standard SOT26 package helping the development of smaller LED fitments, for a wider range of applications.

“The primary benefits of LED lighting, namely longer lifetime and higher efficiencies, are also creating demand of fittings that emit light from the edges as opposed to vertically. In order to meet this demand, manufacturers are looking for solutions that support a thinner overall profile. At just 0.6mm in height, the DFN2020 package is uniquely suited to edge lighting”, said Diodes in the product announcement.

Edge lighting is now being specified in areas such as emergency, mood or decorative lighting, but is equally applicable in medical, industrial and commercial environments.


Some points to ponder:-

  • The new devices can deliver an adjustable constant current between 10mA and 200mA (BCR420UFD) or 350mA (BCR421UFD) with ±10% tolerance, which in the case of the BCR421UFD can be controlled using a PWM signal of up to 25kHz and a duty cycle of 1% to provide LED dimming functionality.
  • Both devices lower the LED driver current as the internal temperature rises, thereby protecting and extending the lifetime of the LEDs.
  • The devices also fit sensitive applications such as medical lighting since they claim virtually no EMI.
  • With a wide operating voltage range of between 1.4V and 40V and total power dissipation of up to 1.7W, the devices can be used to drive longer strings of LEDs while still providing sufficient protection from transients in a 24V system.
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The BCR420UFD and BCR421UFD linear constant current regulators for LED lighting are available in production volumes now, priced at 0.11 USD each in 3k piece quantities.

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