Bluetooth Mesh Chips Extend Coverage For Smart Lighting & Appliances


Cypress announced that its wireless MCU and combo chips for the Internet of Things (IoT) have Bluetooth mesh connectivity certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to a consumer product. The company asserts this will enable the adoption of Bluetooth mesh in the smart home. Also, compared to traditional Bluetooth interfaces, Bluetooth mesh will easily provide more coverage.and allow users to conveniently control all of the devices throughout the home via apps on their smartphones and tablets.

Three Cypress wireless combo chips and the latest version of its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) software development kit (SDK) support Bluetooth connectivity with mesh networking capability.

Recently, LEDVANCE also claimed the first Bluetooth mesh certified smart LED lighting products using Cypress’s technology.

Cypress says its solutions enable a low-cost, low-power mesh network of devices that can communicate with each other—and with smartphones, tablets and voice-controlled home assistants—via simple, secure and ubiquitous Bluetooth connectivity.

The benefit of Bluetooth mesh is that users are not needed to be in the immediate vicinity of a Bluetooth device to control it without an added hub. Instead, the devices in the network can communicate with each other to easily extend coverage throughout the largest home, allowing users to conveniently control all of the devices via apps on their smartphones and tablets.

Market research firm ABI Research forecasts there will be more than 57 million Bluetooth smart lightbulbs by 2021.

Cypress’ CYW20719, CYW20706, and CYW20735 Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) combo solutions and CYW43569 and CYW43570 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo solutions offer fully compliant Bluetooth mesh. Cypress also offers Bluetooth mesh certified modules and an evaluation kit.

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The solutions are also supported by version 6.1 of Cypress’ WICED SDK to help developers of smart home lighting and appliances, as well as healthcare applications.

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