Neural Network SDK Helps Developers Create CNNs On GPUs


Imagination has introduced its brand new CLDNN SDK for developing Neural Network applications on it’s PowerVR GPUs. The company says it will make it as easy and efficient as possible for developers to develop convolutional neural networks on its hardware. To that end, the company has provided both an API and an SDK, and also provided an image for flashing onto an Acer Chromebook R-13 for hardware development.

“With neural networks becoming widely deployed, the importance of developers being able to test and deploy accelerated neural networks on our graphics hardware is vital,” said Imagination’s software engineering manager Robert Quill. “Automotive OEMs are moving towards ADAS and autonomous driving, smartphone users are looking for technologies such as facial recognition, while smart home technologies adopters are looking to enhance security and UX by recognizing objects and people. All of these advances point to the need for neural network acceleration.”

The PowerVR CLDNN API is Imagination’s first AI-focused API. It provides functions to create network layers for constructing and running a neural network on PowerVR hardware.


The PowerVR CLDNN SK demonstrates how a neural network can be deployed to PowerVR hardware through the CLDNN API.

More information on the PowerVR CLDNN development kit:


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