MCUs Advance Touch HMI Designs In Home & Industrial Automation


For designers developing human-machine interface (HMI) solutions for home/building automation, consumer and industrial market, Renesas has added 38 new microcontrollers (MCUs) to its RX130 MCUs lineup. With an improved feature set such as improved noise immunity and sensitivity, the MCUs offer designers a flexibility to explore new materials and operating environments to tackle the challenges of HMI design.

The new RX130 MCUs extend flash memory size to 256 KB, 384 KB and 512 KB, and package size up to 100-pins to provide higher performance and compatibility with the RX231/RX230 touch MCUs.

Of note is the improved sensitivity and robustness of the MCUs that allow manufacturers to apply touch keys in devices designed with challenging, non-traditional touch materials such as wood, glass, or thick acrylic, opening up capacitive touch to a wider range of users, while reducing safety or malfunction risks.

Examples include control panels for electric appliances used in kitchen, home equipment employing recessed switches for a more attractive design, and industrial machinery that must be operated wearing gloves for safety reasons.


Another benefit of the new devices is an expanded on-chip memory which helps in adding features such as multi-language support, integrated HMI and system control, and enhanced functional safety in home appliances, and building and industrial automation.

Various memory and package options for designers include:

  • 64 KB flash memory in a 48-pin package,
  • 128 KB in an 80-pin package,
  • 128KB, 256 KB, 384 KB or 512 KB in a 100-pin package

The MCUs are compliant with IEC/UL60730 safety standards for consumer electronics, with several built-in functional safety hardware elements.

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Renesas also provides a robust evaluation environment including stater kits for basic function evaluation and detailed capacitive touch feature evaluation.

The 38 new RX130 MCUs are available now, with memory capacities ranging from 128 KB to 512 KB and pin-count packages ranging from 48 to 100 pins. Pricing depends on memory capacity, number of pins and packaging.

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