Noise Suppressor Resistors Claim To Handle 45 kV And +200 °C In Automotive Ignition Systems


Vishay has unveiled a new series of wirewound noise suppressor resistors that delivers improved voltage performance and reliability for automotive ignition systems in reciprocating engines. “Supporting voltages to 45 kV and high operating temperatures to +200 °C, the devices are ideal for reducing RFI during electrical discharges in gasoline engines, and can be used in spark plug leads, as well as in spark plug caps”, Vishay said.

For Automotive Ignition Systems, Devices Offer Voltages to 45 kV and High Operating Temperatures to +200 °C

Vishay Dale NSR-HP series devices feature a coating that increases reliability by protecting the resistive element against moisture and mechanical shock while enabling high voltage performance to 45 kV and high operating temperatures to +200 °C.

The resistors can withstand high voltage pulses at high frequencies and feature a dielectric withstand voltage of 1000 VAC.


The devices are available with wide ohmic and inductance value ranges from 1 kΩ to 15 kΩ and 9 µH to 78 µH, respectively, and feature a temperature coefficient of ± 250 ppm/°C.

The resistors are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green.

Samples of the NSR-HP series are available now. Production quantities will be available in March, with lead times of 16 weeks.

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