AEC-Q200 Compliant Thin-film Chip Resistors For Medical Electronics, T&M & More


Stackpole recently introduced the new AEC-Q200 compliant series of precision thin film chip resistors boasting exceptional performance ideal for precision applications such as instrumentation, medical applications and monitoring, precision controls, avionics, telecom, industrial controls, as well as test and measurement equipment.

RNCF AEC compliant Thin Film Resistors are available in 0.01% tolerance and 2 ppm TCR

“The RNCF offers sizes from 0201 up to 2512, with a tolerance of 0.01% and TCR of 2 ppm available for a select value range for sizes from 0402 through 2512”, claims the company.

Pricing for the RNCF depends on size, resistance value, tolerance and TCR.

For specific or volume pricing, contact Stackpole or one of their franchised distribution partners.

Check out more information:

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