High-current Photorelays Replace Mechanical Relays In Factory Automation


Toshiba’s latest high-current photorelays for factory automation and other industrial applications can replace mechanical relays. Applications are seen in industrial equipment (PLC, I/O interface, contact output), building automation system (HVAC, thermostats, etc.), semiconductor testers, test boards, security equipment, and replacement of mechanical relays.

The new photorelays can replace 1-Form-A mechanical relays in various DC and AC applications, contributing to improved system reliability and reducing the space needed for relays and relay drivers.

Coming to the specifications, the products offer multiple options, with an OFF-state output terminal voltage ranging from 30 to 200 V and a steady ON-state current of 0.7 to 5.0 A.

Operating temperature is specified at 110°C (max), making it easier to accommodate temperature margins in system designs.

To improve design safety, the transient ON-state current is three times larger than the rated steady ON-state current.

All of five products including “TLP3543A” are mounted with the state-of-the-art U-MOSVIII process MOSFET in a DIP4 or DIP6 package.

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