Highest Density 256Mb STT-MRAM Chips Enter Volume Production


Everspin announced that it has received revenue for its 256-Mbit spin-transfer torque magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM) utilizing 40nm process, and is ramping up volume production during 2018. Through the new product, the company aims to bring capacity and performance improvements to its customers.

STT-MRAM is a significant advancement in magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) as the densities of this persistent memory technology open up new market opportunities beyond where MRAM has been deployed previously.

Featuring a perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction, the MRAM is claimed to be better than the in-plane device.

The 256Mb STT-MRAM also comes with an innovative ST-DDR3 interface, which improves performance compared to legacy MRAM components, the company added.


“This achievement represents an important milestone for STT-MRAM as it is the enabling step for bringing the persistent memory to market”, the company noted in the announcement.

Although there are many other companies dealing with MRAM, Everspin says it is the first to reach a volume production for STT-MRAM as well as the only firm that is executing on both discrete and embedded MRAM (eMRAM) solutions.

The new 40nm 256Mb chips are produced by Global Foundries.

“Our 256Mb STT-MRAM is the first ever perpendicular MTJ STTMRAM entering mass production. This is both a testament to the technical strength of Everspin’s team in design and technology as well as the joint productization strength provided by the collaboration with GLOBALFOUNDRIES,” said Kevin Conley, President and CEO of Everspin Technologies. “This is a bellwether milestone in the evolution of this disruptive technology and we are very excited about the advantages that the capacity and performance of this product brings to our customers.”

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“GLOBALFOUNDRIES is excited to see the first STT-MRAM from the Everspin partnership reaching production. The movement of discrete STT-MRAM to volume production is an important milestone on the way to enabling our risk production release of 22FDX eMRAM for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ customers later this year,” said Dave Eggleston, Vice President of Embedded Memory, GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

For more information, read the Press release.



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