100mW UV-C LED Can Be Used In Water & Air Purifiers


Setting new standards for single-chip UVC LEDs, LG Innotek has reached a 100mW milestone in UV-C LED. The company believes that this higher power LED technology will enable advanced curing and purification systems that can handle flowing water and air. Examples include air/water purifiers and air conditioning systems.

As the product can rapidly sterilize flowing water and even air, it can be used in a wide array of household appliances from water purifiers and air purifiers to air conditioning systems for buildings and automobiles as well as water treatment devices.

The company said that this development is 2 years ahead of current industry forecasts that predicted that similar output powers would be successful by 2020.

LG Innotek has optimised the chip design which increases UV output, while waste heat is discharged effectively, and therefore granting stable performance over long periods.


In the announcment, the company claimed that “one such UVC LED can emit strong ultraviolet light at 278 nm for more than 10,000 hours.”

UV-C LEDs can is used in sterilizing and hardening devices with its ability to destroy bacterial DNA. LEDs of this spectrum are mainly used for the disinfection of air, water and surfaces.

However, due to powers of just a few milliwatts, only motionless water and air masses could be sterilized.

The company noted that the new UV-C LED can produce more powerful sterilizing effects with higher light output, and allows for new applications such as use in air conditioning systems or purification of running water.

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