Here’s A New PMIC For Fault-tolerant Steering & Braking Controls


Today, more and more automotive systems, such as electronic power steering (EPS), transmission control units (TCU), and advanced braking systems (ABS), are required to meet the requirements of ASIL-D, the highest automotive safety integrity level prescribed in the ISO 26262 functional safety standards. In pursuit of this, Allegro has unveiled a new automotive power management chip compliant to the ASIL-D specification.

Target applications include automotive control modules for: Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Transmission Control Units (TCU), Advanced Braking Systems (ABS), Emissions Control Modules, and other automotive applications.

The ARG82800 is an ASIL-D PMIC for automotive control units, providing 4 power rails for uC/DSP, sensors, CAN, memory, and other loads in the system. It includes a unique buck-boost (or buck) pre-regulator which is valuable for low Vbatt idle-stop requirements while continuing to provide 5 V output.

“A key feature is the integration of 4x High-Side gate drivers, typically used for battery disconnect and 3x phase disconnect in EPS systems. This can eliminate external component(s)/IC package, saving BOM cost and reducing PCB footprint”, claimed the company.

The ARG82800 is supplied in a low-profile (1.2 mm maximum height) 38-lead eTSSOP package (suffix “LV”) with exposed power pad for enhanced thermal performance. It is priced at $4.49 in quantities of 1,000.

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