Compact Capacitors Rated At 760VAC For High-voltage Industrial Applications


Designed for high voltage industrial applications, Murata’s new DE1 series Type RB capacitors have been certified for a high rated voltage of AC760V for X1 class use. It can be used as a capacitor for interphase connection in applications where a high rated voltage is needed, such as an industrial 3-phase AC power supply or an inverter for the drive of a 3-phase motor. It can also be used as a Y1 class capacitor for connecting between an AC power line and ground.

The product contributes to size reduction and noise suppression for the power supply circuit of equipment that requires high rated voltage for industrial applications.

The capacitors are added to the company’s DE1 series which are IEC 60384-14 compliant X1/Y1 class certified ceramic capacitors.

The company says that the product contributes to size reduction by taking advantage of the compact size provided by a ceramic capacitor,


Furthermore, due to its high heat resistance, it is effective for noise suppression when placing the capacitor near a noise generating source.

The product complies with IEC 60384-14, UL60384-14 and EN60384-14 for X1 / Y1 class capacitors used in EMI suppression circuits.

The DE1 series can also be used as a Y1 class capacitor for connecting between an AC power line and ground. For this application, it is rated at 500 VAC (RMS)

The series is available in standard values from 10 pF to 4,700 pF. It claims an operating temperature range of -40 to 125℃.

This product has started production in December 2017.

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