Compact Camera Design Gives 3D Vision To Smartphones


Enabling smartphone manufacturers to incorporate advanced 3D imaging capabilities, such as 3D modeling, depth capturing and face authentication, into next-generation smartphone designs, OmniVision and Spreadtrum have launched what they believe is the industry’s first turnkey active stereo 3D camera reference design. The reference design claims a small form factor and low power requirements.

The design clubs OmniVision’s ultra-compact OV9282 and OV7251 global shutter sensors with the Spreadtrum SC9853I applications processor.

“Based on 14nm octa-core 64-bit Intel Airmont architecture, the Spreadtrum SC9853I reaches 1.8 GHz in dominant frequency and delivers high-quality multimedia capabilities”, the companies claimed.

“Spreadtrum has always been flexible and agile to adapt to quick changes in the marketplace and address customer needs with differentiated solutions. This partnership with OmniVision to enhance 3D camera technology provides an excellent demonstration of our diversified product selection and customer-focused strategy,” said Yalei Mao, AVP, Camera System Design, Spreadtrum. “By incorporating the high-performance hardware and software into one simple yet elegant solution, we’ve ensured that customers can utilize the reference design’s full benefits with minimal tuning or customization.”


“We anticipate face login to be one of the key features for upcoming mobile devices. Achieving this requires complete camera hardware and software system development, which can be an extremely complicated, resource-intensive and expensive process. The aim of this active stereo 3D camera reference design is to reduce time to market and other key hurdles for our customers,” said Sylvia Zhang, head of marketing for OmniVision’s mobile segment. “This offering reflects our strong partnership with Spreadtrum and our continued determination to deliver innovative solutions that ease our customers’ pain points.”

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A working sample of the active stereo 3D camera reference design has been showcased at CES 2018.

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