DRAM Strikes 2.4Gbps Data Transfer Speeds In Supercomputers & AI


Accelerating the expansion of supercomputing, AI and the graphics card arena, Samsung has started mass production of its 8GB HBM2 DRAM branded ‘Aquabolt’ claiming the fastest data transmission speed on the market today.

The new 2.4Gbps per pin 8GB DRAM is designed for use in supercomputers, artificial intelligence solutions, and graphics cards.

According to Samsung, “the latest DRAM can process 307GB of data per second. Using four HBM2 packages of the DRAM will enable a system to process 1.2TB of data per second.”

This will improve overall system performance by as much as 50 percent, compared to a system that uses a 1.6Gbps HBM2, Samsung said.


Samsung could achieve 2.4Gbps speed by stacking 8 levels of 8Gb chips on a buffer chip, according to the Press release.

Samsung said it will supply Aquabolt to its global IT customers at a stable pace, and continue to rapidly advance its memory technology in conjunction with leading OEMs throughout a wide array of fields including supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and graphics processing.

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