Protection Thyristors Handle Multiple Surges Without Degradation

SIDACtor Pxxx0FNL 3kA Image

To protect equipment that are subject to severe overvoltage transients, new protection thyristors from Littelfuse offer enhanced reliability even through multiple high energy surge events. Typical applications for the new devices include: CATV amplifiers, telecom base station equipment, cell towers, UPS/AC high-power distribution grids, automotive battery charging systems, solar power system DC/AC inverters, and uninterruptible battery backup systems.

The company said the Pxxx0MEL 5kA Series and Pxxx0FNL 3kA Series SIDACtor protection thyristors offer a low ‘on-state voltage’ that are much lower than the arc voltage of a traditional gas discharge tube. This means they can handle much higher surge currents.

They also offer a much lower voltage threshold than the clamping voltage of a metal oxide varistor, and can be used in series with clamping devices such as varistors or TVS diodes for protecting AC power input lines.

Key benefits of the new thyristors include:

  • Clamping that is superior to traditional MOV passive technology for AC line protection provides high-power surge protection up to 3kA or 5kA.
  • Low on-state voltage condition ensures low thermal accumulation during long-term events.
  • Unlike gas discharge tubes (GDTs) or surge arrestors, these semiconductor crowbar devices have no wear-out mechanism, so they can withstand multiple surge events with minimal degradation, eliminating the need to dispatch service personnel to replace damaged equipment.

Pxxx0MEL 5kA Series SIDACtor protection thyristors in TO-218 packaging are available in tube pack in quantities of 250, with 25 devices per tube and 10 tubes per box.

Pxxx0FNL 3kA Series SIDACtor protection thyristors in TO-262M packaging are available in tube pack in quantities of 500 (50 per tube) or in tray pack in quantities of 100.

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Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

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