FRAM Process Shrinks: New 2Mbit FRAM Chip For IoT & Wearables


To expand the potential market for FRAM technology, Fujitsu has unveiled the first product of a new die shrink FRAM generation: MB85RS2MTA. The excellent lower power performance of the device makes it ideal for IoT and wearable applications, where logging process takes place frequently, and where the power supply is extraordinarily limited.

The first product of this die shrink FRAMs is called MB85RS2MTA, a 2 Mbit FRAM chip with SPI interface.

The maximum operating frequency has been increased from 25 MHz up to 40 MHz at 3 V supply, allowing customers to realize extreme high-speed operations, the company said.

Furthermore, MB85RS2MTA demonstrates an excellent low power performance. It consumes only max 2.0 mA active current at 40 MHz. That is 1/5 of that of the legacy product at 25 MHz.


Standby mode consumption is maximum 50 µA, which is 1/3 of the legacy product.

Sleep current is as low as 10 µA.

As other Fujitsu FRAMs, MB85RS2MTA offers a high endurance of 1013 read/write cycles, a 10 years’ data retention at 85° C, as well as high speed and flexible write access, the company further stated.

MB85RS2MTA comes with a SOP 8pin package (150mil). The product is already in mass production.

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