Compact Antenna Fits Wearables & Small Tracking Devices


Antenova is adding a brand new compact, all-in-one active GNSS antenna to the company’s existing range of positioning antennas and modules. The M20047-1 is a very low profile rigid FR4 antenna measuring 7.0 x 7.0 x 1.1mm, making it suitable for use in small tracking devices. It is suitable for tracking all kinds of moving objects, telematics and wearable sports devices.

The M20047-1 operates in the 1559-1609 MHz bands, and offers designers a useful, space-saving option for small tracking devices.

The antenna’s key features are the “active components, the built-in LNA and filter, which act to boost the signal to the GNSS processor in environments where there is a restricted view of the sky and line-of-sight to the horizon is difficult”, the company said.

“With the LNA and filtering already built into the antenna, designers will not need to add them, and can save space on their PCB”, the company said.


For more details, antenna samples and evaluation boards, please see

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