Platform To Unleash AI On Billions Of Consumer Devices


Mediatek unveiled its NeuroPilot edge AI platform to enable an increasing number of consumer devices with AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities. The firm said that “using a combination of hardware and software, including an AI processing unit (APU) and NeuroPilot SDK, AI can be brought to its wide-ranging technology portfolio, that powers billions of consumer devices a year including smartphones, smart homes, autos and more.”

Along with designing chipset level AI technology, i.e, Artificial intelligence processing unit (APU), MediaTek will introduce an AI SDK. It will allow developers access to SOC level functions to build AI applications and solutions across MediaTek chipsets and MediaTek powered devices.

MediaTek’s current AI solutions include voice assistants, TVs and autonomous cars. The company is demonstrating at CES the power of AI and how it’s redefining today’s consumer devices.

“2018 is a new era in device innovation. MediaTek is committed to enabling our partners and customers with technology advancements consumers demand through the power of AI integration with our chipsets,” said Jerry Yu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Home Entertainment Business Group, MediaTek. “AI enhanced technology is quickly becoming part of the consumers’ every day experience. MediaTek’s AI platform is designed for today’s smart devices and to pave the way for an AI-powered future.”


“According to industry analysts, AI industry will top $14 billion by 2023. Device makers across platforms are working to incorporate AI into more devices and need solutions that still deliver processing power, maintain battery life and are cost effective. Connected devices also now require more computing power at the edge rather than in the cloud for faster response times.” the Press release noted.

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With those market and technology demands in mind, the NeuroPilot AI platform is focused on several key areas:

  • Edge AI Enabler — AI comes at the chipset level — for devices at the edge of computing — where deep learning and intelligent decision need to happen faster. This creates a strong hybrid of an edge-to-cloud AI computing solution.
  • Edge AI Efficiency — MediaTek chipsets claim a balance of performance and power efficiency and will make implementing and running AI applications efficient and practical across devices.
  • Enhanced AI — The platform uses AI to enhance features and applications people use every day in mobile devices and at home like intelligent camera imaging and voice and image detection or recognition.
  • Supports Mainstream AI Frameworks — MediaTek’s AI solution operates in concert with existing neural processing SDKs including Google TensorFlow, Caffe, Amazon MXNet, Sony NNabla and more.

“Our customers and consumers want truly intelligent devices. From taking better photographs through the power of AI processing algorithms to improved voice and face recognition and accurate sensor information for autonomous driving, AI and machine learning is the technology to drive consumer products forward,” said Yu. “With our broad range of chipsets, backed by our current and newly developed AI framework, MediaTek is poised to be a full ecosystem AI solution provider.”

“Since Sony’s entrance to the Smart TV market in 2015, we have continued to work in tandem with MediaTek to power our products,” said Mr. Kazuo Kii, Deputy President, Sony Visual Products Inc.. “They have consistently provided superior SoC performance and support and we look forward to collaborating with them in age of AI.”

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