Platform Improves Sound-Capture For AI Applications In Smart Home & Industry


Aaware has unveiled its ‘Sound Capture Platform’ which claims to improve sound capture performance for artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the smart home, industrial IoT and robotics markets.

The Aaware far field voice development platform provides a complete single-chip voice and sound capture solution focused on applications where strong interfering sources and high ambient noise are present.

The platform consists of a 13-microphone array shield and a custom Avnet MiniZed 7010 processing board based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC.

“The platform enables product developers to create far-field, voice-to-machine communications functionality that is more natural and robust than anything seen on the market today. This versatile technology not only solves the problem of canceling noise, echo and reverb that often confuse many popular cloud-based digital assistants and robotics applications, but the ability to recognize more than one wake word/phrase is a true differentiator”, said Jim Beneke, vice president, engineering and technology, Avnet.


“Avnet is a top-notch distributor that has cultivated an exceptionally collaborative relationship with Xilinx, whose technology is consistently at the core of next-generation applications and solutions,” said Joe Gianelli, CEO and co-founder of Aaware. “Working with Avnet, and by extension Xilinx, will enable Aaware to reach a greater array of customers and markets worldwide, delivering world-class audio sound capture solutions that can help them bring more robust AI applications to market quickly and effectively.”

The platform features TrulyHandsfree wake word detection technology from Sensory which allows systems to adapt to differing noise interference, without requiring calibration for different environments or integration of the reference signal.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity With Zero Programming

“Sensory’s wake word detection with Aaware’s noise processing lets device makers are able to deploy powerful products that feature always-listening speech recognition capabilities that thrive in noisy environments”, the Press release noted.

“Providing customers with scale and flexibility, coupled with powerful edge acceleration for the voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) application market, is compelling,” said Yousef Khalilollahi, vice president, core vertical markets, Xilinx. “We see tremendous opportunity accelerating at the edge with Xilinx All Programmable SoCs and Aaware technology, enabling voice assistants, robotics and other AI-related applications.”

For more information on the Aaware Voice Platform available through Avnet, visit

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