Smallest SMT Component Measuring 1/8th of a Millimetre Successfully Assembled


Nistec said that it has succeeded in executing electronic assembly of the smallest SMT component in the world. The 0201 category was developed mainly for mobile devices, and enables a significant increase of density of the components in the printed circuit board.

Nistec has executed placement of the smallest electronic component in the world of a width of an eighth of a millimetre.

The company carried out an experiment in its production plant in Petach Tikva, Israel Factory during which it executed placement of a passive component manufactured by Murata which is produced using the new standard 0201, which is considered to the smallest category in the industry.

The dimensions of the 0201 standard are a length of 0.25 mm and a width of 0.123 mm. The footprint of the component in the printed circuit board is about one-quarter of the footprint of the components in the category above them 01005, the dimensions of which are 0.4 mm x 0.2 mm.

The experiment was carried out the Nistec plant in Petach Tikva with the help of new Siemens placement machines Model Siplace SX that were introduced into the company during 2017. The tiny component was assembled on an experimental board by Siemens, which manufactures the placement machines.

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