PFC Controller Reduces BOM Cost In Connected LED Lighting


Diodes has unveiled a high-performance AC/DC Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller targeting at LED lighting applications.

The AL1788 is a high-performance offline constant voltage and PFC controller which combines high power factor correction (PFC) with low total harmonic distortion (THD) and low standby power, making it well-suited for commercial applications and connected lighting requirements.

Based on Primary Side Regulation (PSR) implementation, the device does not require opto-coupler and any secondary feedback circuit to save overall BOM cost, according to the firm.

The device delivers outstanding performance, such as high efficiency of up to 91%, good line and load regulation of 2% over a full range of line and load regulation, and low standby power of less than 0.2 Watts.

“With a PFC of >0.9 and lower standby power than its competitors, the AL1788 operates with an external MOSFET to deliver constant voltage to an LED load. The device maintains its note-worthy PFC and THD performance across a wide input range over a load from 50% to 100%”, the firm claimed.

The device features low start-up and operating current of just 3μA and 500μA, respectively (typical), combined with ‘Burst Mode’ operation. It enables users’ designs to meet low standby power system requirements.

Comprehensive protections are integrated, including output-open protection and output-short protection, as well as overcurrent, overvoltage and over-temperature protection. Undervoltage lockout is also integrated.

The controller-only version of AL1788 is available now and provided in the SOT26 (SC74R) package, while the MOSFET regulator options will be supplied in an SO-7 package and will be released in 2018.

Both are lead, halogen, and antimony free and fully RoHS compliant.

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