Car Audio Amplifier Reduces Power Consumption By 90%


Toshiba has rolled out a new 4-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier for car audio applications. The new “TCB701FNG” claims to reduce energy consumption by 90% compared to conventional Class AB amplifiers.

The TCB701FNG has efficiency comparable to class D digital amplifiers and the energy consumption is reduced by 90% compared to conventional Class AB amplifiers under normal operating conditions with output in the range of 0.5 W to 4 W.

The chip reduces BoM cost to around half that of more expensive Class-D alternatives as no EMI or low-pass filtering is required, says Toshiba.

The device also ncorporates an extended set of self-diagnosis capabilities that can monitor and report various error states via the I2C bus. These include full-time fault detection of output DC offset. This prevents speaker burnout and improves overall reliability.


Additional features include anti high-frequency noise, protection against output cross connection and over- and under-voltage, three levels of over-temperature detection, standby/mute control and GSM noise suppression.

The new IC is supplied in a 36-pin HSSOP package and can be used in both power amplifier and line drive mode.

The device can operate with a supply voltage of 6-18V, supports 49W x4 channels, and is compatible with speakers rated to 2Ω. Its output noise voltage is 60µVrms.

Click here for Press release.

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