‘Embedded NAND Flash’ Fits Storage Demands Of Complex Automotive Applications


To address the high-density storage needs of.increasingly complex automotive applications including automotive information & entertainment systems and ADAS, Toshiba has unveiled new embedded NAND flash memory products that comply to JEDEC UFS version 2.1.

The new line-up of automotive UFS products supports a wide capacity range from 16GB to 256GB, suitable for an array of automotive applications, such as entertainment & information systems and ADAS, which typically require high-capacity storage, as well as other applications (such as wireless communication) that may need only smaller capacity.

To offer the enhanced reliability required by these automotive applications, the new products meet AEC-Q100 Grade2 requirements and support a wide temperature range of -40℃ to +105℃, according to the company.

The products integrate NAND chips fabricated with 15nm process technology and a controller in a single package.


The addition of automotive UFS expands Toshiba Memory Corporation’s line-up of embedded NAND flash memory products for automotive applications, which currently includes automotive e-MMC products.

“Utilizing the UFS interface allows the new products to achieve sequential read of 850MB/s and random read of 50kIOPs, which are approximately 2.7 times and 7.1 times faster than their current e-MMC counterparts, respectively”, the company claimed.

Other new functions specifically suited to automotive applications have been added to the new UFS products, including Refresh, Thermal Control and Extended Diagnosis.

‘Refresh’ can be used to refresh data stored in the UFS and can contribute to the extension of the data’s life span. ‘Thermal Control’ protects against overheating in the high temperatures that can occur in automotive applications. ‘Extended Diagnosis’ helps users to understand the condition of the product.

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Toshiba has begun sample shipments of the new embedded NAND flash memories.

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