Charging Portables via USB-C Made Simpler & Cost-effective


Maxim has developed a simpler, more cost-effective solution to enable fast and safe charging of USB Type-C portable devices using 2-series Li-ion battery packs. The new chip allows designers to replace multiple components previously required to deliver the same capabilities, thereby reducing BOM costs and simplifying the design. Applications range from wireless speakers to high-end cameras, virtual reality (VR) headsets, and motorized medical devices.

Unlike typical charging solutions, the MAX14748 streamlines the design of USB Type-C products by integrating a charger, USB Type-C charger detection, 28V over-voltage protection, and power path onto a single chip.

The chip supports legacy USB BC1.2-compliant and other non-standard chargers, and enables USB Type-C charging at twice the power of Micro USB solutions, according to Maxim.

A programmable Automatic Input Current Limiting (AICL) feature safely draws the maximum current that the charging adapter can supply, protecting valuable end equipment.

Additional protective features include 28V integrated overvoltage protection, JEITA charge protection, and ±15kV electrostatic discharge protection on USB adapter pins

“The MAX14748 is the market’s first solution that allows designers to capitalize on the many benefits of USB Type-C connectors and 2-series battery packs,” said Sui Shieh, VP of the Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “Designers can now take advantage of a simple, cost-effective way to extend fast and safe lithium-ion battery charging to a wider range of battery-powered products.”

The MAX14748, available in a 54-bump, 0.4mm pitch, 3.97mm x 2.77mm x 0.64mm wafer-level package (WLP), is available from select authorized distributors for $3.40 (1000-up, FOB USA)

An evaluation kit, MAX14748EVKIT#, is available for $77.0.

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