Highly-reliable 18W & 30W AC/DC Modules For Medical Applications


RECOM has launched new highly efficient and reliable 18W and 30W AC/DC converters for versatile uses in medical, household and industrial applications.

The RACM18-ER and RACM30-ER series are certified to the latest IEC/EN60601 medical standards, as well as the EN60335 household and the IEC/EN60950 ITE standards.

“With a certified operation up to 5000m altitude and temperature ranges from -20°C up to +80°C, these modules are built to power compact applications in medical healthcare, household, sanitary, smart building, and automation appliances”, says Recom.

The modules use robust electronic circuitry and IP68 waterproof encapsulation which helps them withstand harsh operating conditions and high reliability.

The modules take up less than 2”x2” on the PCB and their compact round shape design also allows them to be fitted into flush mount wall installations.

The modules are designed to pass class B limits by more than 6dB margin without the need for any external components.

They are CE-marked and come with a three-year warranty.

Samples are now available at all authorized distributors.

For more information, click here.

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