Winners Announced For The GR Embedded Design Contest In ASEAN


Renesas has announced the winners of its GR PEACH Embedded Design Contest 2017 in ASEAN. The contest, which was held in South-East Asia this year, was intended to encourage students, hobbyists and professional engineers to build innovative IoT designs using the Gadget Renesas (GR) board.

Renesas invited the top ten contestants (six contestants from Vietnam, three from Singapore, and one from Thailand) for a live project demonstration and announced the winners on November 21, 2017 during the grand finale held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Among the ten finalists, six were students, Renesas stated.


The project which won first place was “Autonomous Robot for Indoor Surveillance and Monitoring”, created by Trong Nghia Nguyen from HCMC University of Technology Vietnam. The project highly evaluated the high precision position control (±1.0 cm) system on the GR-PEACH using ultrasonic waves in underground and buildings without GPS signal, and can be controlled in real time. The panel believes the project contributes to high-precision position control development in Southeast Asia.

The GR PEACH board is based on Renesas’ powerful RZ-A1H microprocessor (MPU) and offers an ideal platform for IoT prototyping, featuring human-machine interface (HMI)-based graphics, touch panel functions, camera input, audio, network and 10 MB of built-in RAM and the processing power of Arm Cortex-A required for developing connected devices.

“Gadget Renesas is a community-driven project and the contests are also a constant feedback to develop a better, cost-effective and feature-rich prototyping board to the market,” said Akihiro Matsuyama, Leader of Gadget Renesas project. “The inaugural contest in ASEAN has been a success, thanks to the contestants’ unique approaches to using the GR PEACH board to create next-generation IoT applications.”

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The contest was supported by Arm Ltd (Award Title Sponsor), ROHM Semiconductor Singapore (Platinum Sponsor) and Element14 Singapore (Logistics Partner).

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