600 V MOSFET Slashes Power Losses In Server & Telecom Power Supplies


Infineon has announced its latest 600 V high-voltage Superjunction MOSFET designed to be an ideal choice for resonant topologies in high power SMPS applications, such as server, telecom and EV charging stations.

The new 600 V CoolMOS CFD7 is claimed to offer high efficiency and reliability in soft switching topologies like LLC and ZVS PSFB, making it a perfect fit for high power SMPS applications.

“Completing the CoolMOS 7 series, the new MOSFET succeeds the CoolMOS CFD2, and is said to be up to 1.45 percent more efficient than its predecessor or competitor offerings. It combines all of the advantages of a fast switching technology with high commutation ruggedness, without impacting the easy implementation in the design-in process”, according to Infineon.

The MOSFET features reduced gate charge (Q g) and improved turn-off behavior. Additionally, it has a reverse recovery charge (Q rr), which is claimed to be up to 69 percent lower than competing products.


The 600 V CoolMOS CFD7 is available now in mass production and samples can be ordered. For more information, visit www.infineon.com/cfd7.

Click here for  Press release. 


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