Speeding Up Design Of ‘Preventive Care Wearables’ For Accurate Health Monitoring


As continuous monitoring and preventive healthcare is becoming more common, there is an increased demand for accurate, small, and low-power wearable devices that offer real-time information about the status of health. In pursuit of this, Maxim has rolled out a series of chips to foster the design of preventive care solutions for wearable health and fitness applications.

The new chips include the MAX86140 and MAX86141 optical pulse oximeter/heart rate sensors and the MAX30001 electrocardiogram (ECG) and bioimpedance (BioZ) analog front end (AFE) for accurate, continuous monitoring.

“Through compact, low power solutions, these devices enable accurate monitoring of vital signs to monitor wellness/fitness and prevent health problems before they even begin”, says Maxim.

The MAX86140 and MAX86141 can be used to measure PPG signals on the wrist, finger, and ear to detect heart rate, heart rate variability, and pulse oximetry.

The MAX30001 measures ECG and BioZ on the chest and wrist to detect heart rate, respiration, and arrhythmias.

According to Maxim: “Compared to competitive solutions, the MAX86140 and MAX86141 require less than half the power and is approximately one third smaller, while the MAX30001 requires approximately half the power in almost half the size. In addition, the MAX30001 meets IEC60601-2-47, clinical ECG standards.”

The MAX86140 is available for $3.05 MAX86141 is available for $3.35 (1000-up, FOB USA). Both chips are available in a 20-pin WLP (2.048mm x 1.848mm) and operate over the-40-degree Celsius to +85-degree Celsius operating temperature range.

The MAX30001 is available for $5.83 (1000-up, FOB USA) and available in a 28-pin TQFN and 30-bump WLP (2.7mm x 2.9mm). It operates over the 0-degree Celsius to 70-degree Celsius operating temperature range.

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The MAX86140EVSYS# evaluation kit for the MAX86140 and MAX86141 is available for $100. The MAX30001EVSYS# evaluation kit is also available for $100.



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