Tiny 1.5A LDO Regulator For Mobile Devices


Toshiba has started shipping a low-dropout (LDO) regulator series claimed to feature the industry’s smallest WCSP6F package, making it suitable for mobile and modular applications requiring small, thin devices. These include smartphones, tablets, notebook PC, digital video cameras, storage equipment, set-top boxes.

The TCR15AG series can drive a high current of 1.5A despite its small package, suiting it for power supply applications in Wi-Fi chipsets for smartphones and tablets, cameras and wireless modules.

The new series can also control power supply in applications requiring a high current, including notebook PCs, digital camcorders, storage devices and set-top boxes.

The TCR15AG series is claimed to offer the industry’s highest ripple rejection ratio and fastest load transient response, making it highly suited to camera and RF applications.

The LDOs offer low dropout voltage, a requirement for high-efficiency power supply applications. This contributes to longer charge life for the batteries of mobile products, according to Toshiba.

The series offers two kinds of output voltage—adjustable output between 0.60V and 3.6V via external resistors, and fixed output voltages from 0.65 V to 3.6 V—enabling support for a wide range of power supply applications.

Protection features include over-current protection, thermal shutdown, inrush current reduction and auto-discharge.

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