Open Development Platform To Prototype Advanced Smart Driving Applications


ST has developed an innovative open development environment for prototyping advanced Smart Driving applications, including vehicle connectivity to back-end servers, road infrastructure, and other vehicles.

The Modular Telematics Platform (MTP) integrates a central processing module based on the recently launched Telemaco3P secure automotive-telematics processor, which is claimed to be the industry’s first automotive processor to include a dedicated Hardware Security Module to provide on-chip security.

The MTP also includes a comprehensive set of automotive-connectivity devices both on the board and in plug-in modules, ensuring development flexibility and extensibility.

ST notes that the new Telemaco3P secure telematics processor is being used by top OEMs and Tier1s around the globe.

The MTP also leverages ST’s automotive-grade multi-constellation GNSS Teseo IC with dead-reckoning sensors. The Telemaco3P’s integrated advanced automotive security module can be further enhanced with an optional on-board ST33 Secure Element.

In addition, the platform supports connecting automotive buses such as CAN, FlexRay, and BroadR-Reach (100Base-T1) to the board directly, and optional Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, and LTE modules offer access to wireless networks.

Designed for advanced automotive telematics use cases including remote diagnostics and secure Electronic-Control-Unit (ECU) Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updating, the MTP includes extension connectors for V2X and precise positioning modules, too.

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