Ultra-quick Charging Tech Could Recharge Electric Cars In 15 Minutes


Modern electric cars still often need a long time to recharge, which is the biggest hurdle hindering their use.  Now Honda is aiming to roll out electric vehicles capable of 15-minute charging in 2022 to foster the expansion of battery-powered cars.

The Japanese automaker plans to release a selection of fully electric cars that can run 240km on a single 15-minute charge. Most electric vehicles now available take at least twice that long to reach an 80% charge even using a high-speed charger.

To drastically reduce the charging times, Honda said it is developing a new type of high-capacity battery that can handle the ultra-quick charging. The carmaker is already sourcing batteries for its electric-gas hybrid vehicles from Panasonic and others. A lighter vehicle body and more efficient power control system will ensure the new cars can go farther on a single charge.

Before then, Honda plans to release mass-market electric vehicles in Europe in 2019 and in Japan the following year.


Japanese fast EV chargers now offer a maximum output of 150kW, which is planned for raise to 350kW starting in 2020. Europe is also hoped to have thousands of 350kW charging stations by that year. Honda’s new and improved electric vehicles will ba able to leverage this faster-charging infrastructure.

Nissan Motor’s new 2018 Leaf is also said to offer quicker charging times and 30% longer range, more than 500km on a single charge.

According to Tokyo’s research firm Fuji Keizai, there were 470,000 electric vehicles in 2016, which make up 0.5% of the total and this is hoped to increase to only 4.6% by 2035. Honda says it hopes to give its electric cars an edge with everyday drivers by offering faster charging and longer range.

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