Loihi: Intel’s Chip That Recreates Human Behaviour


Intel is experimenting with a neuromorphic chip dubbed Loihi that attempts to resemble the way human brain works. It focuses on how a human brain reacts to diverse situations – leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms.

Once if we are asked to guess the emotions of a person in a video, the way our brain exchanges information in a flurry of electronic spikes. In the same way, the researchers at Intel are testing a prototype of the new chip. It tries to solve the problem using thousands of spiking silicon neurons. Just like our brain’s neurons, they can adjust the connections between themselves to adapt to new tasks.


Intel believes that this advanced approach could one day make cars, cameras and robots smarter without relying on an active Internet connection to the cloud. With Intel’s new AI learning algorithm, the processor learns locally inside the machine that ultimately adds to some privacy benefits.

Loihi is a research project with two testing prototypes that are expected to be furbished as full working chip by November.

Intel is competing not only with Nvidia and Qualcomm but also rivaling companies like Google and Microsoft in the field of chip making. However, the efforts in aiding new technology using AI in which chip learns from incoming data distinguishes the company’s presence in the chip market.

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