Gemalto Announces Smallest Licensing Footprint Solution for IoT Software


Gemalto has announced the launch of Sentinel Fit, a secure licensing solution for the IoT (Internet of Things) devices and embedded software with the industry’s smallest footprint .It consumes the size of flash as low as 6.5kB and 1.5kB RAM.

With the growth of the IoT market, the need of licensing the software-based products in IoT is increasing to maximise monetisation even for smallest IoT device. Gemalto claims Sentinel Fit provides a complete secure licensing and enlightenment management solution to maximise monetisation of software-based IoT products. The benefit of enhancing the support and flexibility to control software solutions enables the solution to run on a Cortex-M processor which indeed makes the system faster and more reliable.

With the user-friendly features, Sentinel Fit supports all embedded systems platform and is free from any system constrains. It is also portable and allows streamlining business operations such as data collection and reporting capability that maximises the monetisation of software based product.


“Equipment manufacturers with embedded software are aligning with trends like cloud, virtualisation and the IoT and are in need of solutions to support their transition from hardware based business models to software based services and create new revenue streams,” says Shlomo Weiss, senior vice president, software monetisation at Gemalto. “In addition to our existing range of commercial licensing solutions, Sentinel Fit, as the industry’s smallest secure commercial licensing solution, can support this transition and provide the flexibility to control software at the feature level, while providing the best monetization platform available today.”

As the emerging business models require the software industry to meet changing needs of market such as user-centric licensing. This means that license delivery and enforcement needs to be based on who is using the software and not what machine it is being accessed from. Sentinel Fit works on the above problem — with giving flexibility in licensing and packaging to meet the business need.



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