Reset Chip Monitors Power Supplies In Computers, TVs & More


Diodes has unveiled a micro-power voltage detector to support the supervisory circuits of microprocessors and microcontrollers. The APX803L works by enabling accurate monitoring of voltage levels and generates a reset signal whenever a supply rail falls below a defined threshold. This is useful for computers, communications equipment, portable battery-powered devices, as well as televisions operating in standby mode.

Offered in a detection voltage level range of 1.2V to 5.0V in 0.1V steps, the APX803L provides a threshold accuracy of ±1.5%, while consuming just 1μA and requiring no external components.

Whenever the monitored VCC power supply rail drops below the chosen threshold, the APX803L asserts a reset signal within 20μs that is held until the supply rail recovers to a level above the threshold.

The device’s reset pin provides an open-drain, active-low output with device ordering options that allow for delay times of 0ms, 55ms, 220ms, or 450ms.


The APX803L is available in 3-pin SOT23, SOT323, and SC59 packages, as well as a 5-pin SOT25 package, and supports drop-in replacements and original designs.

To know more, view the full Press release

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