Developer Kit Lets Cars Understand Your Emotions


Carmakers are announcing cars with many advanced features every other day. Renesas is driving this forward and helping manufacturers transform the automotive experience with its new development kit which can let cars sense and adapt to driver’s emotions.

The development kit features Renesas’s R-Car chip and cocoro SB’s emotion engine, an artificial sensibility and intelligence technology, to recognize emotional states such as confidence or uncertainty based on the speech of the driver.

The car’s response to the driver’s emotional state is displayed by a new driver-attentive user interface (UI) implemented in the Renesas R-Car system-on-chip (SoC).

“Since it is possible for the car to understand the driver’s words and emotional state, it can provide the appropriate response that ensures optimal driver safety. As this technology is linked to artificial intelligence (AI) based machine learning, it is possible for the car to learn from conversations with the driver, enabling it to transform into a car that is capable of providing the best response to the driver.”, Renesas explained in the announcement.


Renesas said it will release the development kit later this year.

Renesas will also demonstrate its connected car simulator incorporating the new development kit based on cocoro SB’s emotion engine at the SoftBank World 2017 event, to be held by SoftBank Corp. from July 20 to 21 at the Prince Park Tower Tokyo.

To view the full Press release, click here.

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