Boost Range Of Your Bluetooth Design To 300m!


In order to support the move to increase the effective communication range and robustness of Bluetooth, Toshiba announced that its Bluetooth Low Energy products now offer support for the Bluetooth Mesh standard. This, says the firm, will provide more reliable communication in consumer products and extend Bluetooth support to rapidly growing segments such as factory automation and building management.

Toshiba demonstrated new Bluetooth Low Energy system solutions supporting 300m open-air range at low-power transmit and receive power levels.

The Bluetooth Mesh standard was recently ratified and launched by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Toshiba said that the combination of Bluetooth Mesh and TAEC’s application software enables its BLE products to simultaneously increase communication range, reliability and obstacle penetration capability while also increasing battery life.

The combined solutions are claimed to be capable of achieving link budgets exceeding 100 decibels (dB) with external PA and LNA.


“Support for the new Bluetooth Mesh standard enables Toshiba Bluetooth Low Energy products to privately and securely traverse a mesh network rather than requiring a point-to-point connection between devices. This increases the range and reliability of Bluetooth Low Energy communication without increasing power requirements”, according to Toshiba.

“Previously, increasing the effective Bluetooth Low Energy communication range or sending a signal through many walls required higher power transmissions that would have a negative impact on battery life. These high-powered transmissions were typically the primary technique used to address issues such as radio interference in a factory environment or the transmission of signals through thick concrete walls. This approach had severe limitations, and has proven to be ineffective for power-constrained battery operated devices as well as in unfriendly RF environments”, Toshiba noted.

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By creating a robust mesh network, Toshiba’s Bluetooth Low Energy products can now securely and privately relay messages, allowing devices to communicate in places where they previously were unable to.

Commented Deepak Prakash, senior director at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. “This standards-based approach means that new untapped markets, such as industrial and commercial, can now leverage ever-present Bluetooth cell phones or tablets to easily control and monitor their systems.”

When combined with support for Bluetooth Mesh, Toshiba’s Bluetooth products offer a comprehensive solution for extended-range Bluetooth 4.2.

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