Renesas And Codeplay Bring AI To Next-Gen Cars


To bring computer vision and machine learning capabilities to future vehicles, software firm Codeplay said that it is providing its software framework support to chipmaker Renesas’s R-Car platform for ADAS.

Open standard software frameworks facilitate development using Renesas’ R-Car SoCs to deliver computer vision and cognitive processing

Through the collaboration, Codeplay will provide ComputeAorta, an OpenCL open standard-based software framework for Renesas R-Car system-on-chips (SoCs). The framework will be available first on R-Car H3 as a proof of concept, then focusing on R-Car V3M and other R-Car SoCs of the Renesas autonomyTM Platform for advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and automated driving, according to the announcement.

“The new framework is designed to support software development for the R-Car’s latest image recognition IP, the IMP-X5, a multi-threading core optimized for computer vision and cognitive processing”, said Renesas.


Codeplay will also provide R-Car with ComputeCpp, an implementation of the SYCL open standard, enabling single source C++ software for high level and object-oriented programming.

The result of this collaboration provides developers with standard software development tools and support for a wide range of open source computer vision or open source deep learning software, such as TensorFlow library.

“Computing performance is an essential factor in enabling highly-advanced computing platforms for autonomous cars” said Jean-Francois Chouteau, Vice President of Renesas Global ADAS Centre.

“Renesas’ exclusive IMP-X5 computer vision IP plays a key role within the R-Car SoCs to deliver these advanced features and enhance safety. Giving access to Renesas’ computer vison hardware with OpenCL and SYCL through collaboration with Codeplay will enable our customers to accelerate time-to-market while achieving an outstanding performance benefit in their ADAS designs. This demonstrates the value of our “Renesas autonomy” platform for ADAS and automated driving.”

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“OpenCL is a widely adopted open standard providing an efficient framework to support heterogeneous computing platforms,” said Andrew Richards, CEO, Codeplay. “Our ComputeAorta and ComputeCpp platforms will enable advanced vision and deep learning developers to use the familiar programming standards of OpenCL and SYCL and quickly benefit from R-Car’s advanced IMP-X5 computer vision IP.”

The collaboration is also set to create at least 30 software jobs at Codeplay.

Renesas and Codeplay will provide a proof-of-concept implementation of OpenCL and SYCL on the R-Car H3 SoC in Q4 2017. The implementation on R-Car V3M SoC will be made available in Q1 2018.

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