Linear FET Optimised For Hot-swap In Telecoms


Infineon has launched a new Linear FET series called OptiMOS. It is a perfect fit for hot-swap, e-fuse, and protection applications commonly found in telecom and battery management systems (BMS).

The OptiMOS Linear FET series combines the on-state resistance (R DS(on)) of a trench MOSFET with the wide Safe Operating Area of a planar MOSFET. This solves the trade-off between R DS(on) and linear mode capability, says the firm.

The new devices can operate in the saturation region of an enhanced mode MOSFET.
Both, the rugged linear mode operation and the higher pulse current are said to contribute to low conduction losses, faster start-up, and shorter down time.

The product also prevents damage at the load if there is a short circuit, by limiting high in-rush current.

The OptiMOS Linear FET is available now in three voltage classes: 100 V, 150 V, and 200 V. They can be supplied in either a D²PAK or D²PAK 7pin package. These industry standard packages offer a compatible footprint for drop-in replacement.

More information is available at
To view the full Press release, click here.

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