Bidirectional 2kW Converter Reference Design For Efficient UPS Systems


Looking at the growing demand for more compact and efficient power systems, TI has rolled out a 2kW isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter reference design for 48V to 400V uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) and energy storage systems. Leveraging this reference design, designers can achieve greater than 93 percent efficiency in next-generation UPS, energy storage, power banks and battery charger applications, claims TI.

The reference design empowers designers to increase efficiency over a wide load range for charger and backup converter operations, while reducing system power consumption.

“The increasing need for renewable energy resources across a variety of markets makes power efficiency more important than ever. Global energy standards and regulations continue to increase pressure on engineers to develop energy-efficient systems, while balancing the need to keep overall system costs low”, noted TI in the Press release.

TI emphasises that the design features innovative DC/DC converters using Zero voltage switching (ZVS) in boost mode, which enable higher efficiency and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI) than traditional hard-switching converters.


With greater than 93 percent efficiency, this design allows designers to quickly meet ENERGY STAR guidelines and speed time to market, added TI.

The reference design with a 48V to 400V range, according to TI, is the industry’s first design to provide support for energy storage supplies with a wide range of input voltages.

The product can be used to charge a wide range of batteries, including lithium ion (Li-ion), lithium polymer (Li-poly) and lead-acid battery banks ranging from 36 V to 60 V.

In addition, the design enables less than 100 µS mode change over from charging to backup mode which helps reduce high-voltage hold up capacitor requirements.

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For applications with wide-range voltage needs such as electric vehicles (EVs) or industrial servers, the integration of a backup converter and charger into a single power stage, coupled with the compact board space of this reference design, allows developers to more easily implement the transfer of energy to designs.

TI components featured in the reference design including 100V NexFET CSD19536KCS power MOSFET and half-bridge UCC27211A gate driver enable high efficiency, claims TI.

In addition, the INA240 current sense amplifier provides accurate current measurements, while the AMC1301 reinforced isolated amplifier and the UCC21520 isolated half-bridge gate driver provide an effective option for sensing the isolated high-voltage rail and driving the high-voltage full-bridge respectively. The Piccolo TMS320F28033 microcontroller implements system control digitally.

For further details, view the full Press release.




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