Reduce Motor Assembly Time By 30% With Small Servo Motor Connectors!


For servo motor manufacturers, TE Connectivity has unveiled compact micro motor connectors. These include two small and robust rectangular plastic connector solutions for compact motors that claim to reduce motor assembly time by 30 percent, as well as a nine-position encoder connector and a 4+2 power and brake connector, especially suitable for harsh industrial environments.

“Major trends in motor connectivity focus on miniaturization, reduction of installation times, cuts in costs of both installation and operation, and improvements in reliability,” says Wenbo Zhou, product manager for motor connectivity in EMEA for TE. “Our engineers continually find ways to address and even stay ahead of these trends, and one example of this is our micro motor connectors for small size servo motors.”

“Combining power and brake into one connector enables a smaller footprint in conjunction with a higher degree of protection (IP67) and enhanced vibration and shock resistance,” said Zhou. “The combined power and brake connectors are more compact than existing dedicated power or brake solutions. Plus, the flexibility offered by the encoder connectors and power and brake connectors facilitate convenient and easy motor installations in the field.”

The firm’s micro motor connectors are compatible with commercially available cable, have a high temperature rating for power and brake – 125 degrees Celsius – as well as a high voltage rating of 380 V, and they are certified to TUV and UL standards.


TE has recently acquired the Intercontec group plus it has global presence which increases its ability to provide integrated connectivity solutions for motor makers around the world, as stated in the announcement.

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