Minimise EMI In Vehicles & Industrial Lighting With New LED Driver


Analog Devices has launched a synchronous, step-down LED driver chip with internal 36V, 2A power switches and an internal PWM generator. The LT3932’s 3.6V to 36V input voltage range is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural lighting.

Combined with a thermally enhanced 4mm x 5mm QFN package, the LT3932 offers a very compact high power LED driver solution.

The LT3932’s fixed frequency, peak current mode control accurately regulates current within ±1.5% for strings of up to 2A LEDs. Its integrated PWM generator offers a 128:1 dimming ratio. If dimming ratios of up to 5000:1 are required, the LT3932 and an external PWM generator can accommodate these applications.

To minimise EMI, the chip leverages the firm’s Silent Switcher topology and spread spectrum frequency modulation. The chip can drive up to eight 2A white LEDs from a nominal 32V input, delivering in excess of 50 watts.

Efficiency is 93% while switching at 2MHz, eliminating the need for external heat sinking and offering a tiny, compact solution footprint.

Internal open/short LED protection and fault indication offers added reliability. The switching frequency is programmable from 200kHz to 2MHz or it can be synchronized to an external clock signal.

Other features include accurate LED current sense with a monitor output, 99.9% duty cycle operation and programmable UVLO.

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