10W Shunt Resistor For Large Current Sensing In Automobiles & Industry


KOA Speer Electronics has launched a new current sense resistor, featuring an up to 10 Watt power rating in a 3920 size. This new power shunt resistor offers an ultra low resistance range of 0.5mΩ ~ 1mΩ, making it ideal for large current sensing.

Used primarily for current detection, the PSJ2 current sense power shunt resistors are ideal for transportation and industrial markets in applications such as DC to DC conversion, automotive modules, motor control, and power supplies.

The new PSJ2 Power Shunt resistor has a broad operating temperature range of -65°C to +175°C. It offers T.C.R. of ±75ppm/°C ~±100ppm/°C with resistance tolerance of ± 1%.

The resistor is AEC-Q200 qualified and meets EU RoHS requirements. This resistor is ideal for automatic mounting and is suitable for reflow soldering.

Lead time is 12 weeks and samples are available upon request. For further product information, click here.

To view the full Press release, click here.

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