Build Your Own WiFi-based IoT solution With New Development Kit


Cypress and Arrow have collaborated on a new internet of things (IoT) development platform which helps designers to easily add robust Wi-Fi connectivity to their products. Applications include factory automation, lighting, smart irrigation, home appliances and home automation.

The new Quicksilver kit features a Cypress’ WICED platform and the CYW43907 802.11n Wi-Fi microcontroller (MCU).

The kit offers users with complete design capabilities and features Arduino-compatible headers for expansion. Sensors like temperature, humidity and three-axis motion sensors help in designing a complete IoT edge device.

“The strength of Cypress’ IoT portfolio is its combination of low-power wireless and MCU technology that fuels ubiquitous device access and control. Together, Arrow and Cypress will help customers solve power, range and reliability problems in IoT applications,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of IoT global solutions at Arrow. “Quicksilver allows our customers access to a great development experience.”


“Developers are looking for an easy way to add robust Wi-Fi connectivity to their products. The Quicksilver development platform backed by Arrow’s support provides them with a straightforward path,” said Andrew Hunter, senior director of marketing for the IoT business unit at Cypress. “Quicksilver brings Cypress’ world-class Wi-Fi connectivity and the power of our all-inclusive WICED Studio SDK to a wide range of customers. We will expand the platform to include 802.11ac high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, addressing the trend toward integrating both with robust connectivity and multi-protocol coexistence.”

The kit is slated for release in July 2017, and a second Quicksilver kit will deliver high-performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi enabling high-data-rate and media-rich experiences in the IoT in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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For further details, view the full Press release.



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