Lowest Standby Power SRAM To Power The IoT!


Renesas has unveiled a low-power SRAM designed to enable battery-free operation and extended battery lifetimes for Internet of Things (IoT), home electronics, and healthcare applications. The prototype SRAM claims simultaneous high-speed readout time of 1.8 ns during active operation, and ultra-low power consumption of 13.7 nW/Mbit in standby mode.

Leveraging silicon on thin BOX (SOTB) structure, the SRAM achieves lowest standby-mode power consumption, which is only one-thousandth of the power consumption during normal standby mode, claims the firm.

Renesas applied a 65 nm node silicon on thin BOX (SOTB) process for the prototype development of the embedded SRAM.

The new technology provides a function for switching dynamically with low power overhead between active operation in which the CPU core performs read and write operations of the embedded SRAM, and the standby mode in which the stored data is retained.


“The rapid IoT growth is requiring all applications be connected wirelessly, which is fueling strong demand for battery free operation, where products use natural energy sources such as light, vibration, and heat, or products that consume less power to extend battery life. When a much longer battery life is achieved, battery replacement will no longer be required, enabling maintenance-free applications”, Renesas noted.

For further details, view the full Press release.

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