Robust AC Filter Capacitors For UPS Systems


Vishay has introduced a new series of metallized polypropylene AC filtering film capacitors optimized for high humidity environments. The robust devices are ideal for input and output filtering in outdoor renewable energy inverters, welding equipment and critical applications such as UPS for sensitive datacenters.

The Vishay Roederstein MKP1847H AC filtering film capacitors  deliver extremely stable capacitance and ESR in high humidity environments

“The capacitor series can withstand demanding temperature humidity bias (THB) testing — 85 °C, 85 % RH for 1,000 hours at rated voltage — without altering its electrical characteristics”, contends the firm.

The capacitors feature segmented film and offer rated capacitance from 1 µF to 35 µF and low ESR down to 3 mΩ. The devices provide high ripple current capabilities up to 24.5 A and rated voltages of 250 VAC, 310 VAC, 350 VAC, and 480 VAC.

Samples and production quantities of the MKP1847H series are available now, with a lead time of 10 weeks.

For further details, view the full Press release.


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