10.4” Waterproof Sunlight-Readable Touch Screen Monitor


Latest 10.4” waterproof sunlight-readable touch screen monitor from TRU-Vu Monitors is designed to operate in nearly any environment, such as direct bright sunlight, or in other high ambient-light conditions.  Originally designed for demanding military and industrial use, the new SRMHXTRWP-10.4C touch screens are being displayed in numerous other applications including marine, ticket kiosks, amusement parks, and more.

The new touch screens are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial, marine, military, manufacturing, inspection, advertising and transportation applications where viewability in direct bright sunlight is crucial.

The new 5-wire resistive touch screen offers a super high-brightness screen, extreme operating temperatures, and wide viewing angles. It is available with a rugged, waterproof/rust-proof NEMA 4X stainless steel panel-mount enclosure, the company stated.

Some impressive array of features offered by the new touchscreen include


• High-Bright 1,500 Nit Display
• NEMA 4X Waterproof Stainless Steel Panel-Mount Enclosure
• Super-Wide 178˚ x 178˚ Viewing Angles
• -22˚ to +176˚F Operating Temperature
• Auto Re-Start After Power Loss
• A.L.S. to Brighten and Dim the Screen Automatically
• 1024 x 768 Resolution
• 3-Year Warranty

The new SRMHXTRWP-10.4C will provide excellent image quality, super-accurate touch performance and rugged longterm reliability in nearly any type of environment. It can also be customized or modified to meet specific requirements of customers.

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