32-bit MCUs Support Larger HMIs Upto 12 Inches


Microchip has introduced what it claims the industry’s first MCU with integrated 2D GPU and up to 32 MB of DDR2 memory allowing developers to simplify graphics design for 24-bit color and large display sizes.

Developers that use the PIC32MZ DA in their designs should expect microprocessor-like graphics quality while still enjoying the ease of design of an MCU.

“The 32-bit PIC32MZ DA MCU gives customers the ability to increase their application’s color resolution and display size (up to 12 inches)”, says Microchip.

According to the firm, the PIC32MZ DA provides MPU-like graphics capabilities with tools including the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework. These tools provide a visual graphics design environment, custom display driver creation, graphics libraries and an asset converter that can take a custom graphic and optimize it for their chosen display size.


The addition of DDR2 memory is said to enable 2x faster throughput and large graphics buffers and/or storage for increasingly complex communications protocol stacks and algorithms.

“This new family of devices breaks through perceived MCU graphics barriers,” said Rod Drake, vice president of Microchip’s MCU32 business unit. “Customers are demanding greater HMI capability in their designs. Now they can upgrade their applications with the ease of an MCU without increasing board complexity or adding new programming resources.”

“Offering the largest total integrated memory in the industry, these MCUs give designers the memory space needed for their applications at twice the memory speed of anything else in the market,” said Drake. “The combination of the PIC32MZ DA MCU and MPLAB Harmony will make for simpler graphic designs than have ever been experienced in the industry.”

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The PIC32MZ DA is supported by Microchip’s MPLAB Harmony Integrated Software Framework, MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), MPLAB XC32 Compiler for PIC32, MPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger and MPLAB REAL ICE In-Circuit Emulation System.

The firm also offers several additional starter kits as development support. These include the DM320010, DM320010-C, DM320008 and DM320008-C.

The PIC32MZ DA devices are offered in a variety of package options including a 169-ball BGA, a 176-pin LQFP and a 288-ball BGA for external DDR2 applications.

They are available in volume production starting at $7.73 in 10,000 unit quantities.

For more information, visit: www.microchip.com/PIC32MZDA_Main681

To view the full Press release, click here.



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