LED Connector With Cable Connection Saves Space On PCB


W+P’s latest light emitting diode (LED) connector series offers great advantages for the PCB layout and is well suited for space saving board-to-board connections. The 5260 LED connector series has a cable connection to facilitate handling.

The firm notes that the separate placeholder on the PCB, which was previously required for a current supply connector, is now redundant. The new cable connection provides a current supply through a direct wire-to-board connection, for which a space is already available on the PCB.

Although W+P’s previous LED connector series (5250, 5251 and 5252) used to offer space saving board-to-board connections, however, until now there was no offering with a mating component with the same connector system. The addition ensures a simple handling to get current supply on the LED PCB, explains W+P.

Previously, engineers had to place an additional connector on the PCB, requiring space on the PCB. The series 5260, wire-to-board LED connector from W+P is just 2.5mm high and is flat. The new connector provides a flexible and at the same time space-saving cable connection with pre-assembled LED strips, in a 2.54mm pitch, according to the firm.


The new cable assemblies for LED connectors are available with two contacts in five different assembly options: male-male, male-open, male-female, female-female and female-open.

The standard cable length is 100mm, and the wire cross-section is 0.25mm2 (AWG 24). Additional cable lengths and further contacts are also possible, on request.

The new connectors are designed for a dielectric strength of 500V AC and a current rating of 3.0A. Safe functionality is guaranteed within a temperature range of -40 to +105 degree C.

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