MOSFETs Reduce Power Convertor Size In Plasma Welders & X-Ray Machines


ST has announced new very high-voltage super-junction MOSFETs featuring a 950 to 1050 V breakdown voltage. Integrating a fast-recovery diode, the new devices allow designers to enhance efficiency, as well as increase power density by using fewer parallel components, in converters for high-power equipment such as telecom and data-center servers powered from high bus voltages, industrial welders, plasma generators, high-frequency induction heaters, and X-ray machines.

Leveraging a fast-recovery body diode, the new devices enable higher efficiency in ZVS LLC resonant converters, which are required in applications demanding high efficiency over a wide input-voltage range.

Other types of bridged converters, as well as boost DC/DC converters for battery charging, also benefit from the reduced losses and enhanced dynamic performance of these devices.

Compared to ordinary planar MOSFETs, the new devices deliver superior switching performance with lower on-resistance (RDS(ON)) and higher current rating per die area, ST said.


This allows designers to increase power density by using fewer parallel components in converters for high-power equipment such as telecom and data-centre servers powered from high bus voltages. This also helps to reduce the size of converters for industrial welding machines, plasma generators, high-frequency induction heaters and X-ray machines.

Key specifications of the new MDmesh DK5 family devices include a very low gate charge, as low as 45 nC, and the industry’s best reverse recovery time (trr) of 250 ns (typ.), according to ST.

The DK5 family has added six new parts in TO-247, TO-247 Long-Lead, Max247, and ISOTOP power packages.

Volume production has already started for the STWA40N95DK5, STY50N105DK5, and STW40N95DK5, with prices starting from $8.85 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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