Smartphone Turned Into ‘Car Remote’ To Lock/Unlock & Start Car!


The Mercedes-Benz E-class comes with a digital vehicle key supported by Gemalto. The digital vehicle key gives drivers the freedom to lock/unlock and start their vehicles using nothing more than an NFC smartphone.

An innovative smartphone-based digital vehicle key solution for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class range from Daimler AG is powered by Gemalto’s Trusted Services Hub (TSH).

“Gemalto’s TSH enables seamless and secure over-the-air deployment of the digital keys to any type of phone that supports the solution”, says Gemalto.

With the key safely downloaded to a secure element via Gemalto’s TSH, drivers can lock/unlock their cars by simply placing the smartphone against the door handle. The engine can also be turned on with the phone in the charging tray of the dashboard and pressing the start button.


Capable of operating even if the phone battery is drained, the need to carry a conventional key is eliminated, contends the firm.

“As an integral part of the ‘Mercedes me connect’ program, the digital vehicle key will connect seamlessly with services that meet the demands of modern mobility and digital lifestyles”, noted the firm.

“Digitalization demands that companies harness their expertise to forge strong relationships with all stakeholders within the connected car ecosystem,” said Christine Caviglioli, vice president New Mobility Solutions at Gemalto. “For Daimler AG, this aim is fully supported by our solutions, which enable it to offer customers innovative services through their preferred device, without compromising security.”

A Secure Element is a tamper resistant hardware platform, capable of securely hosting applications and storing confidential and cryptographic data. It can be found in a SIM provided by a Mobile Network Operator and/or an eSE (embedded Secure Element) built into phone handset by OEMs.

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